Piles of Books


Once upon a time during late 2018, I was contemplating my future whilst staring out of a dreary window, moulded into the curvature of my dreary seat within an even drearier office. It dawned on me with pure terror that this could be it. This could be the job I grow old in, the job that I grow to despise.
It was during that moment when I knew I was destined for bigger and better things. Coming from a long family line of budding entrepreneurs, I thought “Why don’t I give it a go?”. With blood, sweat and determination,  I finally made the dream happen and Bumpy & George was born. 

Bumpy and George are the names of two inspirational individuals that have helped to inspire me in a variety of ways. I will forever be grateful for their undeniable generosity, kindness and wisdom. 

The business ethos is centred around creative and collaborative power. We truly believe in the transformative power of design and content, and their ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, whilst engaging and inspiring people. 

Great ideas and relationships can only be formed by collaboration. I am excited to learn about you, your business and your goals.

Becky Starnes